Wenx’ World: A little bit of Romance

I’ve had very exhausting week. And I am not even talking about my new running goal, which focuses on pushing personal fatigue boundaries. But I am not talking about physical pain (which can obviously be desirable and needed by certain people), I am talking about emotional exhaustion.

Emotional depletion results from personal demands and/or continuous stress and might lead to, what we all know as, burn-out syndrome. So I found myself in stage one towards burn out. How many stages are there? I don’t know. I don’t wanna know. It was bad, I felt tired and weak and alone, and it influenced my overall well-being, my on-job performance, eliminated my joy. All I really wanted was to crawl into bed and sit it out, until magically, my life would have changed without me contributing to the changes. Well, of course, that didn’t happen. In fact, I couldn’t even hide away: There were still ugly break up communications, a new house mate, frustration at work and a guest in my house who enjoyed my hospitality just a bit too much.
This whole situation was bringing me down, weighing on my shoulders. And.. as we all know from deep swimming pools, once you hit the floor and you run out of air, all you gotta do is put your feet on the ground and push yourself up. So I did. I bitched back at the ex, I strongly suggested to my guest that it was time to move on, scheduled a crisis meeting at work and put down certain house rules. Wheeew, some weight of my shoulders. I obviously was ‘the bitch’ to at least 2 people in this story, but it was totally worth it.
So when, during a sunrise run out in the forest, one of the runners offered to go first instead of me, so that he would take down all the spider webs, it felt as if that was the most romantic and caring gesture I had experienced in a long time. My spider-fighting prince… All lights are back on green.
See you out there – Wenx