Wenx’ World: Borderline

Remembering a tradition I grew up with, we went on an Easter march. In fact, a hike. A 22km hike from Binna Burra to O’Reillys: the Border Track between Queensland and New South Wales.

The day started out, of course, later than planned. Still, we stopped for a coffee. Coffee break turned into pie break which left us so relaxed that we continued the drive in the wrong direction. Short, by the time we got to the trail head and took even more time to admire the parrots, it was quite late in the day considering the distance.

So I forced sunscreen on my friends and shushed them into the forest. You are wondering why I wouldn’t go with them? Well, that’s the ‘beauty’ of the border track: It is not a loop and we only had one car. See the problem now?

It took me nearly 2 hours to drive to the other end of the track, where I put on my running shoes, packed my hydration pack and set off running  from the other end. It only took me another 1.5 hours and a few surprised hikers to, literally, run into my friends and we continued their walk together back to the car.

20 km in, it was pitch black. We were happily ignoring the co-existence of snakes and spiders in the forest. Why did no-one bring a head lamp? By the time we reached Binna Burra we definitely needed a wine and a sit down. The lovely lady serving the wine was so excited she had to show us into their dark garden where a wild cobra had just eaten a possum and now lazily digested with a massive food bump…

Enough of this day, it was time to go home.

See you out there, Wenx