Wenx’ World: Bridges Over Brisbane 28 August

It seemed a Sunday morning twilight like any other in Brisbane: the All Blacks had just won, the wind was freezing cold and the streets were filled with walks of shame – and runners! Runners waiting at traffic lights, runners walking, runners drinking coffee – everyone armed with runners and a colorful race bib. Just like us, 30 GUPSA Geeks in bright red shirts with a mission: to conquer 10 km of road.

Downhill first, then up the first bridge and down into the streets. I pushed through joggers, swivelled around walkers and prams and passed other runners. Everything after aboutB2B 2016 600m is just a blur to me. My running mind soon took over…, I can not remember the route we ran or, even worse, remember running the second bridge! But I do remember running through tunnels, which was amazing since usually only cars can enter it. While others slowed down, I was getting into it and before I knew it, I found myself in between thousands at the finish line.

The finish line! So many proud and smiling faces! All Geeks gathered and headed out for a well deserved breakfast, which was perfect to exchange (old and new) running stories, enjoy coffee and food together, but also to chat about postgrad life, catch up with old friends and meet new ones. When we finally parted, it seemed to me, everyone had a running glow… or maybe it was just the coffee, but one thing is for sure: 10km – we did it!