Wenx’ World: Good people

There is a song out there, and it is called Good People. In fact, it is the Zwette remix I am talking about. Because I like it. I like it a lot. I like it nearly as much as I like good people. Only that I like good people even more. And good friends even more more.

‘Good friends are hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget.’ Whoever said those wise words must have known, seen, experienced. And any solo traveler / emigrant will agree with me that, especially in a new place, it is difficult to decide whether to be with any people or only the good people. Noone wants to be alone and sometimes any company is so much better than loneliness. However, everyone will agree, that the company of good people is priceless!

I just lost 2 lady friends because I started going out with their (get this:) ex(!)-boyfriend. Suddenly, those girls didn’t want to know me anymore. Nothing in our friends-relationship had changed but only my relationship status. But still. I was disappointed, angry at them for being so short-sighted and superficial, upset. But then I realised, they were no friends in the first place. Not in my world’s definition of friends. They were not the good people I would like to have in life. And now I’m thankful to them for eventually showing me their true faces.

I have had many lonely moments when I moved to Queensland. And I found myself in situations where anyone is better then only the good people. But now, and you might call it ‘natural selection’, things seem to be moving the right direction in my life – with more and more good people.

See you out there – Wenx