Wenx’ World: Home Sweet Home

I finally got back home after 3 months out of Australia. 1 months travelling in East Asia and 2 months working in New Zealand. Lucky me? Yes. And no. There’s always two sides of a story (or lifestyle).

With a laughing eye, because I missed the weather, my house, my friends, my life, the beach, my hobbies, my routine. And even though I had quite a bicycle accident on my first day back home and got sunburnt on my third day back home, still laughing eye because it’s good to be back and I’ve barely ever gotten so many hugs in such short time.
But also with a sad eye, because travelling was awesome and because life in Northern New Zealand is not bad at all. After 2 months in Auckland, I was lucky to hang out and/or meet really cool people. But just as I really settled and started liking it, the 2 months were up and – whoops – off into my other life. It seems like wherever I am, whether it is Auckland, Philippines or Queensland, I seem to be missing out on the things happening at the other places. While I miss the people at/and the other places.
But first-world-problems, I’m not gonna complain. So good to be back.
See you out there – Wenx