Wenx’ World: I want you not to go but you should.

When I first met Tayla over 2 years ago, I didn’t see her blue eyes behind the sunnies. Her big caring eyes that I later just wanted to lose myself in. Her bright blue eyes that I couldn’t look into at the end because I would cry.

My heart mentioned her to my brain after a year or so of knowing her, my brain was intrigued to find out more about this person. Tayla and I became somewhat like friends, we had a lot in common: our sport, our drinks, views, some music, immigrants to this country, the travelling. We enjoyed each other’s company.

There was a time when she thought we were on a date and I didn’t. Then there was a time when I thought we were on a date and she didn’t. Then there was a time when we were dating others. Then there was a time when we were actually dating – before she preferred to be friends again for reasons she couldn’t name and I still haven’t figured out.

Seeing each other got less but never stopped. It was like a drug for me,  so happy around her and then cold turkey. Every time.

My friend ‘or something’ Tayla left Australia last week for good. My tears were dwelling up, I had so much to say, I couldn’t get a word out – when she kissed me goodbye.

Tayla wasn’t her name. Tayla wasn’t a girl. It’s a bit lonelier now without him. And I am waiting for my heart to understand that this end will be good for me.

I’ll be back out there – Wenx