Wenx’ World: My Kitchen Loves Me

I have been cooking – and everyone survived! And if you are surprised you might not fully understand the significance of that. To my friends, I have always been the one who does not cook. And they are right! I have always been the one totally happy with muesli, pasta/pesto or couscous/tuna. But then circumstances changed.

Apart from the fact that I find the Gold Coast campus doesn’t quite accommodate right for my lunch desires and the lunch-affordability-options related to a PhD wallet, it’s that time of the year again, when Australians cook on tv, aka My Kitchen Rules. Don’t even try to deny you know about it, even the guys in our 12-heads-office watch it regularly! And every now and then I’ll get inspiration from the show to cook.

Furthermore, I am currently training less due to an injury, which gives me extra time to spend in the kitchen. All that happening while my housemate has taken on the challenge to educate me as his Wife-In-Training…

So I find myself in the kitchen, actually enjoying it, smashing out dinners, eggs Benni, cakes, German bread and apple pies – very much to the pleasure of my office (apple pie), my housemates (bread) and my partner (dinner).
Now I am wondering since I can do physics, house repairs, fix my bike, dance and now even cook – what’s that gonna leave for my future husband? But that might be another post.

Nevertheless: Good people bake pies.

See you out there – Wenx