Wenx’ World: Oopsy, winter!

Like every year, it came surprisingly and unexpected. One moment it’s a lovely afternoon with coffees in the sun, and as soon as the sun is gone, the cold creeps up between my toes in the suddenly cold sand. And I get up at night to get my doona out from the back of my closet.

I usually ease into the winter by checking on my Gluhwein stock, locating my beanie and reflective running gear, plan Christmas in July and buy a new piece of winter clothing to make wearing shoes/pants an anticipative act. None of those things I did this year.

Cause this year, it caught me by surprise: A night with suddenly cold feet and a heavy cold. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. Sneezing, coughing, tired. Meh. But, considerate as we are, we passed it around with all 12 students in our HDR office. I have been hoarse for a week now, it’s beyond sexy. Even my prof’s voice is gone, which we loved about (well, as much as we had voice to laugh) while he poured me a wine last week.

So yesterday, I finally did what had been my idea for the last 6 winters: I bought a heat blanket. Yes, many of you might think that’s for the weak or the old. But if you could cuddle up, under and around it in cold winter nights, you would know: pure bliss. I’m ready for winter now.
See you out there – Wenx