Wenx’ World: Snow Office

When I asked for snow office leave, my supervisors never got back to me in time. So I just left, hopped on a plane, landed in Queenstown. Lovely lovely Queenstown: the freezing cold poking me, the rays of sunlight hugging me, the blue sky grinning at me.

For years, I had heard only great things about this town. Especially the story of Mathias combined with my friend’s dreamy eyes when he told me about the area’s running tracks had made me want to come here for a long time. And now I was finally here!

We stayed in Wanaka, a smaller town with a beautiful lake just behind the mountains. It was cold, I wished I liked snow. Everybody else seemed to be crazy about it here. I hate snow. So I spent my days running under the sun, sometimes through snow, over mountains, along rivers, crossing bridges, around the lake, avoiding ice (successfully) and icy mud puddles (not successful). I even managed to work a bit while I was there.

In the evenings, we tried the local brews in the small pub at the corner, where locals and tourists seemed to gather just like us: sun-kissed and tired after a day in the outdoors. Then we would refrain, grab a wine and finish the day in the spa.

I guess, it was the best time I could have in a snow town. But, Wanaka, my love, I will come back in summer!

See you there – Wenx