Wenx’ World: Speechless

I can be quite chatty. Not all the time, but many times. Especially after the pleasant consumption of certain beverages. It is sometimes up to a point when I share stories that I could (and maybe should) have just as well kept to myself.

I am lucky I have friends who experience same symptoms so nights out can can seem like verbal waterfalls sometimes… However, it wasn’t those moments that kept me stunned this week, three other situations turned me speechless:

  1. I have now taught the exact same lab 33 times in 3 years. This year, our post doc was gonna teach it. I sat with my prof and post doc as they prepared the lab and hacked the computer system… until they get stuck. Then they looked over my head and said: “We should find someone who knows about this stuff.” Whaaat?
    [Is that sexistic discrimination? #FAIL#shock#speechless]
  2. I was chatting with a guy, I have known for about 2 years, but never really well. I enjoyed the conversation – until he said: “Well, I’m just old and an asshole.”  Whaaat?  [How pathetic is saying such a thing about oneself? #FAIL#shock#speechless]
  3. I was talking quite a while with a friend of mine who’s a bit ‘older’, has a wife with cancer and a spoilt teenager, when he suddenly leaned in and said: “Wenx, I really need a girlfriend.” Whaaaat? [#FAIL#shock#speechless]

No words left.
See you out there, Wenx