Wenx’ World: Thank you

 ‘Thank God for that.’  ‘Tah.’ ‘Thank you for not littering.’ ‘Cheers.’ ‘Thanks for holding.’ Thanks these days seem to be everywhere, people thank each other all the time. But I wonder: How grateful are we really? Aren’t we always complaining about homework, exam stress, food, friends, weather, professors, traffic, neighbors, love life (or the lack there of)?

Just quickly take a moment to digest this thought: We live in the most free and tolerant society that has ever existed. There has never been so little racism and sexism. So what are we complaining about? We have the CHOICE to go to uni or not. We have the CHOICE which food we eat. We even have the choice to live in a place of our preference.

And for the lacking love life… well. Look at it this way, we had the choice to (not) get married to the people we dated in high school. We even had the choice to (not) become pregnant. And even if you are without a partner now, you have the option of finding one, even if it’s just for one night. And you are free to date a person of your choice.

I am German, and, you know, we like to complain a lot. But maybe it’s time to reconsider. Maybe Christian belief has it right after all and it is just fine to say thanks for the good stuff in your life during prayer. Maybe we should all be a bit more grateful to the good stuff around us and this wonderful life we live in.

A friend of mine told me her friends say she complains too much. So we agreed she has to practise positivism for a week by sending me a text every night with three positive (little or big) things she experienced during that day. As for my part, I am grateful for living on the Gold Coast, having billions of cells in my body who only care about ME and for the guy who made me smile because he snored today on the tram.

What are you grateful for?

See you out there – Wenx