Wenx’ World: the good buzz

The new semester has just begun and it seems it is buzzing with life everywhere: No more parking space, a new uni bar at GC campus, confused ‘firsties’ (first semester students) everywhere. O-week is followed by Guild and Link activities off campus, and as soon as we think we should really get the studying started, there is harmony week and the first postgraduate party rolling on to us!

Not even to mention the change of presidency at GUPSA and the recommencement of teaching duties for many postgrads, as well as many postgraduate scholarships having their deadlines soon. So much to see, so much to do, so much to avoid to get anything done.

In my life, I have taken up swimming again and started teaching a language class once a week. I really enjoy to use the brain not at all (swimming, aka counting ‘pool tiles’) or using the creative lesson planning / language part of my brain, but Buzz Buzz Buzzing whereever I turn at the moment. How nice was it when I was taken out to Shorncliffe this weekend to take nothing but a camera and walk in the mudflats – barefoot, of course. In so few steps away from it all… aaah, the serenity.

See you out there – Wenx