Wenx’ World: Thesis, freeze!

I know I have been quiet. And, look, it wasn’t you, it was me!

Things have been horribly crazy with my ambitious traits trying to fit everything into this life without cutting out other things… to be more specific: My PhD went crazy with being stuck, short on time and the financial pressure rising. My family kept asking me when I’m coming home, while all I wanna do is get permanent residency. There was a great beach volleyball tournament coming up where I would have to travel to; and then the mechanic pointed out issues with my car.

So I struggled with research, immigration paper work, money, preparing IELTS, training, teaching German, while my friends complained about being neglected. My housemates needed to be yelled at to take the trash out while the landlord wanted to know if I’d like to renew the lease.

I couldn’t handle all that. There was no way to be on top of things. I went to the uni counselor and cried.

Those guys seem psycho magicians to me sometimes. He understood, he had tissues, he questioned, he listened and then asked me how he could possibly help me. I kinda joked when I asked him to organise more time for me. But he just said ‘yip’.

He said he would like to prevent me from break down, and if time is all I need, he’d be happy to organise that. So we froze my PhD for a while.

Now I have time to work my own pace again, and reorganise my life without having the time pressure from work. Weight is slowly falling off my shoulders, the days are getting easier, my batteries recharging.

See you out there – Wenx