Wenx’ World: This or That?

You know those weeks where everything is just moving smoothly and you get the satisfying feeling you are not only on top of things but also moving forward? This week isn’t one of those weeks.


It was going to be just another one of a great PhD week with my first full publication draft being proof-read and my PhD growing. I was gonna jump right into writing my second manuscript while following a training plan for an upcoming run. Totally on top of things! But then… but then…

It dawned on me that I am taking an English test soon – so I had to spare time to prepare for that. Then I suddenly found myself covering for a lecturer on medical leave. Covering a full time position! Not only covering the current work but also cleaning up the mess left behind while at the same calming students. So I cancelled a few social events I had planned this week. That seemed to work. But then. And then… then…

They responded to a job application I had written months ago if I could come in for an interview this week. Yeah – awesome! But that messes up the running regime. My strategic time management is crumbling. So much to do! And all of it I really enjoy, but not nearly enough time for it! AAAAH!

So in times like these, how do we prioritise? Is it career (PhD) first? Or is it money first (new job)? Or the social wellbeing (friends)? Or the physical/mental wellbeing (running)? Or the loyalty to the job (replace lecturer)? Or the possible career change (new job)? Money or future or career or heart? Either one could be the right thing to do. Reducing on sleep? No way! And when speaking to friends and family, everyone seems to have a different opinion about it.

Let me know if you have a good strategy for times like these.

See you out there – Wenx