Wenx’ World: WAAW!

WAAW! obviously stands for ‘What An Awesome Week’! and hell yeah, it was great. In fact, it was so great, that I am having a difficult time coming down from my high again. Endorphine withdrawal – going cold turkey on this Monday.

What happened? On Tuesday had a job interview, followed by a surf session. I hadn’t been surfing in months – and once I was back in the waves I wondered why not! The rips still hurt, when I finally bought the car of my dreams on Wednesday – after being car free for over three years.

Nevertheless, I took the train on Thursday to the GUPSA End-Of-Year festivity. The party was wonderful, great location, good wine, I met some good new people, and when we left the party it wasn’t the end of the night yet…

I spent the following day doing Christmas shopping as part of the hangover cure before I packed my new car and headed off 4 hours down South-West on Saturday. I was glad the new car was a 4WheelDrive and had the clearance to cross creeks when the bush started. I made it to the camp when other runners were just lighting up the bonfire. I joined them and we sat in the bush, in the dark, chatted about snakes, running, life and ALDI, watched the fire, but then went to sleep early…

The 20 km race started at 7.30 am. I loved the track, only got lost once and passed the leading girl at the uphill stretch at km15. Boom! Victory. But my ego wasn’t satisfied. I continued onto the 40km stretch, but pulled out at km 26. Enough pain. In fact, my liver hurt the most… Most runners hung out at the lake to have lunch together, but then everyone spread out, long drives home still ahead of us. And I have to say, there is something about that type of people who will drive 4 hours to share toilets with snakes and frogs, accept to sleep in cars/tents, risk ant bites and enjoy fire and its smoke and get up with the sun to run through the bush. It’s a very honest, simple, but strong-minded crowd… but that’s a topic for a new blog.

For now I have to get my mind back to work and city life. While all I wanna do this Monday is to plan new runs, more exciting stuff, and bigger road trips.

See you out there – Wenx