Wenx’ World: Work Work Work

Yes, I actually do work. Even though it might sometimes in my posts not seem like it. Even though some of my old school friends get the facebook impression I only travel. And even though my mum still has not figured out what I am actually doing.

So, to put it out there: I am doing my PhD. Yes, I get money for it. Yes, that still makes me a student. And no, I don’t want to job somewhere, because a PhD is a full time thing already with a desk in an office, obligations at work and meetings every now and then. Admittedly, it can also be quite flexible time wise. And at other times quite time consuming, think evenings and weekends. And then it has its other obligations for me: Teaching and travelling.

I have been over here at this Kiwi research institute a few times now. My stay is planned for nearly 2 months, my life in Australia is happening without me, and my life here at the moment is mostly c work. I work with a non-GUI software, which increases the challenge, the geek factor and the frustration. I spend a lot of time changing ones to twos in documents and adding factors and editing files and producing more code. I produce little milestones. I back up. I swear. I walk around the city.  I freeze. I meet  with my local PhD advisor who adds more thoughts, codes and files to my life here. We come up with more ideas. I spend 3 hours to find out my numbering in a file was in the wrong order. Or that a y should have been a Y. I am considering quitting. I drink coffee. Decaf of course, cause the software is already upsetting enough.

See you out there – Wenx