Writing Tips with your GUPSA Editors | T3 2023

Check out all interesting weekly writing tips from your editors, Maureen and Michelle, or if you can’t wait and want to join the conversation, have a browse through the exclusive editor’s Canvas discussions here!

Week 1

Colons Part 1

Do you know how to use a colon with lists? Moriarty the little lab rat is back to help. See how, here!

Week 2

Colons Part 2

How do we use a clause to join sentence parts? Moriarty our lab rat shows us how. See how, here!

Week 3

Colons Part 3

We all use appositives (renaming words) a lot in writing. Moriarty our lab rat shows us how they work with colons. See how, here!

Week 4

Logical comparisons: getting rid of ambiguity.

Is this the kind of sentence you might write? ‘You have higher odds of being injured by a vending machine than a cat’.

You know something’s wrong, but how to fix it? The APA Style Blog helps us sort out logical comparisons.

Week 5

Colons Part 4

Using a colon to introduce a quote? Find out our essential tip for using a colon with a quote, here!

Week 6

Avoiding anthropomorphisms

Did you know our little Moriarty, cordon bleu chef, is an anthropomorphism? See what the APA Style Guide has to say about your anthropomorphisms.

Week 7

Colons part 5: Common mistakes with colons

The GUPSA editors give you a little list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to colons.

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