Writing Tips with your GUPSA Editors | T2 2023

Check out all interesting weekly writing tips from your editors, Maureen and Michelle, or if you can’t wait and want to join the conversation, have a browse through the exclusive editor’s Canvas discussions here!

Week 1

How’s your grammar street cred?

Harry and Charlie quiz native English speakers on their grammar. Check out what happened here: 

Week 2

Vikings nimbled up our English plurals?

Want to know how the Vikings nimbled up our English plurals? TED-Ed gives us a fun history that involves gat, ack, and woolly lambru. Watch it here:

Week 3

Why do we toss these punctuation marks around like grammatical confetti?

Check out the little orange semicolon in TED-Ed and see how this stylish guy can make your sentences look pretty elegant. See him in action here:

Week 4

‘Affect’ or ‘effect’?

Should I use ‘affect’ or ‘effect’? The New Yorker’s Comma Queen, Mary Norris, takes us on a quick tour around these tricky words. Get the wisdom here!

Week 5

“…When I reflect on my own experiences, it’s not always the publications that stay with me, as much as I still cherish some of them, it’s the enduring and very human connections that come from collaborating on writing and research.”

Meagan Tyler reveals the unexpected joys of collaborative writing that can happen around a kitchen table. Read the full publication here! Do you agree?

Week 6

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty

Creating parallel structure is one of the best-kept secrets of great writing. Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty shows it’s easy, and how it will move your sentences from okay to brilliant. See the best-kept secret of writing here.

Week 7

How to write a successful ethics application

Writing your ethics application? Here’s some tips!

Week 8

How to write a successful ethics application

How’s your list of writing projects looking? Aila Hoss shows us how to trim a ballooning project list.

Week 9

Writing your thesis and beating writer’s block

Writing your thesis and beating writer’s block: Scott shares on how to get started + how to manage the process. See Scott’s full blog here!

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